Big News About the Future of the COVID Grief Network

To the CGN community,

We are thrilled to announce that the COVID Grief Network is now an official fiscally-sponsored project of Reimagine, a community-driven nonprofit on a mission to transform the world by facing adversity, loss, and death, together. Partnering with Reimagine will open up new avenues for programmatic collaboration, expand and deepen our community, and provide our organization with critical operational and fundraising support. Ultimately, this partnership will enable us to sustain our work and scale its impact beyond what we ever anticipated. We could not be more excited and humbled to step into this next phase, and we are grateful for Reimagine’s support in actualizing a long-term vision for the COVID Grief Network.

As part of this transition, CGN will be shifting our program offerings. We will no longer be offering one-on-one support, and we will be growing and deepening our group support program. We know that our mission of undoing the isolation of COVID grief is as timely and important as ever, especially as many people “get back to normal” while those grieving a loss adjust to a world without their loved one. We also know that offering transformational group support gets to the heart of our mission by providing opportunities for ongoing relationships and peer-to-peer accompaniment. Our one-on-one offerings have been tremendously impactful, and we’re so grateful for the invaluable support of our volunteer grief workers and the bravery of the young adults who make up our community. If you want to read more about the impact that CGN has made, check out our annual report.

These strategic organizational decisions have been made with careful consideration for how to best advance our mission. We are honored to be able to continue this meaningful work and truly appreciate our community’s ongoing support and love in the process.

With gratitude,
The CGN Leadership Team