Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Del Castillo

For National Volunteer Week, we’re highlighting the incredible work of our volunteers. We’ll be showcasing short interviews with our volunteer grief workers to share their wisdom and express our gratitude for their commitment to supporting pandemic grievers. 

Name: Anna Del Castillo
Age: 25
Location: Cambridge, MA
Profession: Graduate Student at Harvard Divinity School

Why do you volunteer with COVID Grief Network (CGN)?
The last 15 months have profoundly shifted all our realities. Amid grief, struggle, and loss, I want to hold space for others to process their emotions. CGN allows me to connect with other wayfarers on the journey and share some light during moments of struggle.

What has supporting young adults in our network taught you?
We are all interconnected. The simplest act, like listening or offering a prayer can change someone’s day and even their life.

Do you have a message for young adults in grief?
Lean on your community and take time to be still and rest. May you be covered in light.

What’s your preferred method of self-care?
Walking along the Charles River or going to Walden Pond. Listening to the sounds of nature and being next to water allows me to slow down and connect with my spirit.

Are you interested in volunteering with the COVID Grief Network? Learn more and apply here.