Volunteer Spotlight: Shaunesse’ Jacobs

For National Volunteer Week, we’re highlighting the incredible work of our volunteers. We’ll be showcasing short interviews with our volunteer grief workers to share their wisdom and express our gratitude for their commitment to supporting pandemic grievers. 

Name: Shaunesse’ Jacobs
Age: 28
Location: Cambridge, MA
Profession: PhD Student in Theology and Ethics

Why do you volunteer with COVID Grief Network (CGN)?
I experienced a months-long battle with COVID-19 March-May 2020, and I remember the isolation, loneliness, and fear during those early days when information was sparse and support was nonexistent. Although still struggling with symptoms, I’m grateful to be alive and help others dealing with these emotions in any way I can because we can only overcome the heart wrenching effects of this virus together.

What has supporting young adults in our network taught you?
From this experience, I’ve learned how to love myself and my growing edges by being in community with amazing young adults who are actively working to love themselves holistically despite their loss. I’m learning to take the steps to support my wholeness because I get to witness the young adults taking steps to support their wholeness each week.

Do you have a message for young adults in grief?
You’re beautiful as you are. We see you. We love you. We hear you. We support you. You are already getting through this dark hour and you’re encouraging others that they can get through this dark hour as well.

What’s your preferred method of self-care?
My preferred method of self-care is eating ice cream, at minimum weekly, and listening to music that touches the depths of my soul.

Are you interested in volunteering with the COVID Grief Network? Learn more and apply here.