Who are the network organizers?

The network is organized by volunteers. We are a group of therapists, chaplains, and community organizers who saw an emerging need and decided to respond with this network. Many of us are young adults who have experienced big personal losses ourselves, and know how powerful it can be to have company in grief. This network is a representation of the community we need and are helping to create in the world.

Hub Team

Chloe Zelkha, Ed.M — Facilitator & Spiritual Caregiver

Noah Cochran — Clinical Social Worker

Ari Eisen — Organizer & Communications/Operations Consultant

Katherine Evering-Rowe — Therapist, Bryn Mawr College & Walnut Psychotherapy Center; Anti-Oppression Educator

Patrice Thrower — Chaplain

Verenice Berroa Torres — Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Healing

Nashra Balagamwala — Designer

Rebecca Hornstein — Organizer & Rabbinical Student

Sarah Brammer-Shlay — Organizer, Rabbinical Student, & Creator of God Cafes

Taylor Buehler — Peer Counselor, Youth Educator, & Virtual Support Technologist

Sami Feld — Program Planner & Evaluator

Melissa Ament — Counseling Psychology Student, University of Denver

Skye Nunke — Therapist & Somatic Healer

Aliza Schwartz — Organizer, Rabbinical Student

Lib Gatti — Chaplain

Amy Shoemaker — Chaplain Student, Stanford Hospital

Lauren Bender — Communications Consultant

Jesse Epstein — Rabbinical Student & Recruitment Coordinator

Genevieve Lipari, R.N. — Nurse Midwifery Student

Evan Traylor — Rabbinical Student

Special thanks to our volunteer legal and privacy team: Scott Hochberg, Carl Roque, and Dana Longobardi

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