Big news: COVID Grief Network is now part of Reimagine

To the CGN community,

COVID Grief Network is excited to announce that we will soon have a new home under Reimagine, a community-driven nonprofit dedicated to transforming the world by facing loss, death, and adversity together. Structurally, CGN organizers will be transitioning the Network over to Reimagine staff this summer, after which CGN will cease to be its own independent organization.

After over two years of running CGN, we are wholly aware that the need for free grief support for folks impacted by COVID loss is as critical as ever. We started CGN as a 100% volunteer-run mutual aid network and shifted last fall to a small very part-time crew of folks running the Network in our evenings and weekends. We are honored to have the opportunity to officially join forces with Reimagine, ensuring that folks impacted will continue to have a community to access free grief support for the long term, although in a different form than what we have offered to date.

In shifting towards these Reimagine programs, volunteer-run grief groups to people in their 20s and 30s who have lost a loved one to COVID will no longer be offered in their current form.

Though our grief support groups as we know them will be ceasing, we are excited that there will be new opportunities to participate in group programming through Reimagine. We have been working with Reimagine in their creation of a new group-based program that will support individuals including those impacted by COVID loss. A cohort of CGN members is already trying the program, and the feedback has been outstanding.

Reimagine will be providing folks in our Network opportunities to connect in different ways, including through regular workshops and events. We will keep members of the CGN community updated about additional programming being offered throughout the summer and beyond, as well as ways for the CGN community to plan and host their own additional gatherings on the Reimagine platform. We are honored and excited for Reimagine to continue providing members of our Network with supportive and innovative programming, along with access to a broader community of folks facing loss together.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support over the past two and a half years. We are thrilled to enter into this next phase and hope you will continue to be part of this community. 

With love, 

The COVID Grief Network team