We are so thrilled you want to join a grief support group. 

As a reminder: these groups will run for 8 weeks, starting on the date listed below, and meet every week for an hour and a half. We will be updating the group offerings regularly, so if none of the available group times work for you, just be sure to check back here for when more groups are listed. 

A note: As a Network, we are beginning to offer some grief groups oriented around shared identities (“affinity spaces”) and other themes. We welcome your feedback and communication about what spaces you’d like to be offered. Everyone in the group will have experienced loss due to covid, but if there are particular parts of your experience you are hoping to connect with other young adults around (i.e. a particular type of loss or an aspect of your identity), please reach out to us and let us know. We will do our best to direct you towards a group or explore the possibility of establishing a group to meet this need if there is enough interest & capacity. It is worth noting that most group participants have lost parents to covid, though there are also folks who have lost grandparents, partners, friends, and children.

Please also note this offering is for guided and facilitated peer support and is not group therapy, nor does it substitute for licensed mental health care. You can learn more about our amazing cohort of volunteer group facilitators on our website.